1500 Calorie Diabetic Menu

Reduce Your Blood Sugar Naturally

1500 calorie diabetic menu is important part of 1500 calorie diabetic diet. In the menu you can find many low glycemic index or GI foods and foods that purge heat which will reduce blood sugar.

When glycemic index is less than 55, we call the food is low GI food. Medium GI food is when glycemic index is between 56-69. And when it's 70 or more it's high GI food.

Our body digests Low GI food slower than that of high GI food. So you won't feel hungry quick and your blood sugar won't rise fast after a meal. It's good for you to control calorie intake and the blood sugar level. It also helps to lose weight.

According to Chinese medicine, most diabetics are Yin-deficiency. You should eat more foods that nourish Yin and clear away heat. Don't eat chili, roasted, high energy foods which are easy to cause heat.

To avoid blood sugar from rising suddenly, it's the better to divide a day diet into 5-6 meals.

You can count calories like this:

Take 80 calorie as a unit, 1500 calorie has 18.75 unit.

Each three big meal has 6.25 unit. You can assign 1 unit as snack while 5.25 as main meal.

Some explanation of 1500 calorie diabetic menu:

At breakfast and mid-morning snack, we included oat bran, cucumber, hummus, pear. These are low gi food. Pear and cucumber help to clear away heat.

Luo Han Guo is very good drinks for those diabetics who love sweet food. In one hand it help you clear away heat, on the other hand it can be used as sugar substitution.

We prepared Job's Tears (Chinese pearled barley), broccoli spinach and eggplant. These are low gi foods. Job's tears is very good cereal for diabetics. It moisten lung Qi and clear away heat. Job's Tears Soup also helps to relieve cough.

At dinner we have wheat tortilla which is low GI cereal. Tofu, cabbage and abalone are low GI foods, too. Abalone soup is one of the best food to nourish Yin. In ancient China the queen and the princesses must drink abalone soup after delivery to supplement Yin.

Below is the details of 1500 calorie diabetic menu.

Meal Recipe Food Weight(g) Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbo-hydrate(g) Heat(Kcal)
Breakfast a. Oat Bran with Milk

b. Hard-boiled Egg with Cucumber Salad

c. Pear

a. 100g(3.6oz) oat bran,

1 cup skimmed milk

b. 1 whole egg,large,50g

1 cucumber(301g)

1 tbsp sesame oil

c.1 small pear,122g


18 11 42 339


Snack Sweet Potato with Hummus and Tomato Sauce


1 medium sweet potato,114g

1 tbsp hummus(15g)

1 tbsp tomato sauce(17g)

1 1 33 145



Drinks Luo Han Guo soup 1 luo han guo - - - -
Lunch a.  Job's Tears Porridge

b. Stir Fried Beef with Broccoli

c. Spinach Salad


a. 1/4 cup Job's Tears(50g)


50g beef, lean meat

1 stalk broccoli(150g)

2 tsp olive oil(15g)

c. 1 package(284g)

1 tsp sesame oil(5g)



26 17 55 477


Drinks Job's Tears Soup 2 cups(200ml) - - - -
Snack Steamed Eggplant with Tomato Sauce 1/2 eggplant

1 tbsp tomato sauce(17g)

2   19 84


Dinner a. Stewed Tofu with  Cabbage

b. Whole  Wheat Tortilla

c.Abalone Soup

a. 1/8 block tofu(58g)

50g abalone

5 small scallop(30g)

2 tbsp tomato sauce(34g)

5 large cabbage leaves(160g)

2 tsp olive oil

b. 1 medium tortilla (26g)

c.50g abalone

1 tsp sesame oil(5g)

29 18 44 454



Drinks Luo Han Guo Soup 1 cup(200ml) - - - -
Total - - 76 47 193  
Heat - - 304 423 772 1500
Heat% - - 20.3% 28.2% 51.5%  

When you go for 1500 calorie diabetic diet, this menu can be used as a sample and reference.

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