Free 7 Day 1200 Calorie Meal plan day2

Remove Coldness and Lose Weight

Free 7 day 1200 calorie meal plan is real healthy 1200 calorie diet plans for people who always feel cold about how to eat right in winter. After one week diet, you'll learn how to prepare your meals in healthy way.

Yang-deficiency or Qi-deficiency people always feel cold, especially in winter. Don't eat cold or raw food. Don't drink iced water. Chinese date(jujube) and ginger are warm nature foods. The tea made of them are very good drinks for Yang-deficiency people.

This is the second day diet plan and diet menu.

At breakfast, we used pepper. Yang-deficiency people are vulnerable to the cold. Pepper is rich in vitamin C. One pepper meets an adult's one day need to Vc. This will increase your anti-disease ability.

Chinese date and ginger tea can be used as daytime drinks. If you are caught by rain or cold weather but you drink this tea, you won't get cold.

At lunch, tortilla rolling in stir-fried egg with cabbage and tomato are very delicious. But eating tortilla will make you thirsty. Orange juice and clementines can solve the problem.

At dinner, mutton soup with two Chinese herbs are secret recipes for Yang-deficiency people. Leek is also warm nature food.

Here is the diet menu of 7 day 1200 calorie meal plan.

Meal Recipe Food Weight(g) Protein(g) Fat(g) Carbo-hydrate(g) Heat(kcal)
Breakfast a. Nutrition paste

b. Red Pepper and Apple with Yogurt Salad

c. Steamed Sweet Potato with Guacamole
a.      1/3 cup home-made nutrition paste*(60g)

1 medium red pepper(120g)

1 small apple(149g)

1/2 cup yogurt(123g)

1 sweet potato, small(60g)

1 tablespoon guacamole(15g)

17   51 272


Drink Jujube with Ginger Soup 2 cups - - - -
Mid-morning Snack Walnut 2 tbsp walnut, 15g 4 9 1 100


Lunch a. Whole Wheat Tortilla

b. Stir Fried egg with tomato and Cabbage

c. Orange Juice
a.        1 tortilla, whole wheat, medium(32g)

b.        1 large egg (50g)

2 tomato, medium(246g)

2 cup cabbage, chopped(180g),

2 tsp(10g) olive oil

1/2 cup orange juice(124g)







Snack Clementines 1 clementines(74g)     9 36


Drinks plain water          
Dinner a.Mutton Soup with ginger and Angleca

b.Steamed Buckwheat with Brown Rice

c. Stir Fried Dried Tofu with Leek

d. Dessert: Apple
a.     1cup(200g) mutton soup

b.       1/2oz(14g)buckwheat,

1/2oz(14g) brown rice,

c. 1 leek, 89g,

1 piece dried tofu(17g)

2 tsp(10g) olive oil

1 small apple (149g)




14 51 398


Total - - 51 40 159  
Heat - - 204 360 636 1200
Heat% - - 17% 30% 53%  

Here is the detail recipes of the second day of 7 day 1200 calorie meal plan:

Breakfast recipes for Free 7 day 1200 calorie meal plan

a. Homemade Nutrition Paste Recipe

It composes of Walnut, black sesame seeds, black rice, black soybean, Chinese date, crystal sugar.

You have to cook it yourself. However, during these seven day diet plan program period, you only need to cook one time, store and serve for 7 days.

Please Click here for the details of the recipe. (Scroll down, it's at the Breakfast b.Homemade Nutrition Paste Recipe).


b. Red Pepper and Apple with Yogurt Salad Recipe

Clean red pepper, cut into small cubs.

Cut apple into small cubes.

Mix with yogurt.


c. Steamed Sweet Potato with Guacamole Recipe

Clean sweet potato, cut into 3-4 blocks.

Steam for 15mins.

Serve with guacamole.


Lunch recipes for Free 7 day 1200 calorie meal plan

b. Stir Fried Egg with Tomato and Cabbage Recipe

Wash tomato, diced. Wash cabbage, cut into small pieces.

Crack egg into a small bowl.

Heat oil in a wok, slip in egg, stir fry.

Add onions and garlic, tomato and cabbage.

Stir fry and simmer for 5mins.

Add salt and other seasonings to taste.

Serve: Roll egg with tomato dish in tortilla, serve.


Dinner recipes for  Free 7 day 1200 calorie meal plan

a. Mutton with Angelica and Astragalus Soup Recipe

Angelica is Chinese medicinal herb which nourishes blood. This recipe came from one of Chinese medical sage two thousand years ago. It promotes Yang Qi. Most obese people are deficient both in Yang and QI.

During this 7 day diet plan program, you cook one time and serve 3 days.

To see details of the recipe Click here, it's on the first day dinner recipes a.


b. Steamed Buckwheat with Brown Rice Recipe

Clean rice, soak in water for 30mins.

Steam for 30-40mins.

Click here to see how to cook steamed rice


c. Stir Fried Dried Tofu with Leek Recipe

Cut dried tofu and leek into thin strips.

Heat oil in a wok, add leek, stir fry.

Add dried tofu and 1 tbsp hot water, stir fry

Add salt, and other seasonings to taste.

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one week menu planner   Day1    Day2   Day3   Day4   Day5   Day6   Day7

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