Job's Tears Diet Directions

Job's Tears diet directions for 4 day diet plan on how to arrange three meals a day, how to serve Job's tears soup and grains, and the explanation of the diet menu.

The first two days we'll cook Job's tears porridge (soup).

The last two days we'll use Job's tears powder (either make at home or buy).

Day 1 Job's Tears and Small Red Bean Porridge + Chicken + Vegetables

Day 2 Job's Tears and Small Red Bean Porridge + Egg + Seafood + Vegetables

Day 3 Job's Tears Soup + Egg + Fish + Vegetables + Job's Tears and White Gout Soup + Dessert

Day 4 Job's Tears Soup + Egg + Beef + Vegetables + Job's Tears and White Gout Soup + Dessert


Directions for Job's Tears 4 day diet menu

The day before your diet plan.

Soak 1/3 cup of Job's tears and 1/4 cup of small red bean for 2-3 hours.

Cook into Job's tears porridge. Here is recipe

Separate grains and soup.

If you want to prepare for two days, you should soak 2/3 cup of Job's tears and 1/2 cup of small red bean.

On the first day of your diet plan, eat one small bowl of grains, and drink one cup of soup.

(The rest soup will be served as drinks during daytime. You can add in a glass of bottle.)

Split bell pepper into small pieces. Serve with sauce.


You can eat your regular lunch except greasy and spicy foods. Here we give you example recipes: grilled chicken and cucumber salad.

At dinner use the left Job's Tears to cook Stir Fried Job's Tears with Mushroom and Broccoli.

On the second day, the usage of Job's Tears just repeat that of the first day. The rest recipes are already given.


On the third day at breakfast:

Brew one cup of Job's Tears Soup: Take 2 tablespoon Job's Tears powder in a cup. Add hot water. Stir evenly. Heat 2 minutes in microwave. (It will become sticky).

Serve hard boiled egg with sauce.

Remember,  soak 1/4 cup of Job's Tears in the morning. This is prepared for cooking Job's Tears and White Gourd Soup at dinner. If you want to prepare two days together, soak 1/2 cup of Job's Tears.

At lunch you can eat your regular food. Here we provide recipes: Steamed fish and vegetable salad.

At Dinner cook Job's Tears and White Gourd Soup by using the Job's Tears soaked in the morning.

Use Job's Tears powder to make Job's Tears cookies.

On the fourth day, repeat the third day Job's Tears Diet directions.

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